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What is Mountain Hospice?

Hospice is an in-home palliative program designed to assist patients and their families to live as fully as possible during a terminal illness. Hospice allows patients to be in control of their lives, and to make choices concerning their care.

What does Mountain Hospice do?

Hospice focuses on the relief of both physical and emotional pain as well as other symptoms associated with advanced illness. Hospice also provides supportive care to meet both the patients and the family’s needs.

Who may refer a patient to Mountain Hospice?

ANYONE can make a referral to MOUNTAIN HOSPICE. Our staff will work closely with your physician to determine eligibility.

Who is eligible for Mountain Hospice services?

A person who:

  • Prefers to live in the comfort of their home with a life-limiting illness.
  • Lives in Barbour, Randolph, Tucker, Mineral, Pendleton, Pocahontas or Grant County in their home, personal care home, or nursing facility.

Can I keep my own physician?

Yes, at MOUNTAIN HOSPICE the relationship between the physician and the patient does not change. Orders for medical care are received from the physician who is considered an important member of the Hospice team.

Who pays for Hospice Services?

Reimbursements may come from Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance companies. Charges may be made on a sliding scale for private pay, however, persons are accepted into MOUNTAIN HOSPICE based on their health needs, not their ability to pay. Fund-raising events and personal donations help make up the difference. MOUNTAIN HOSPICE does not charge co-pays, and will not take social security checks or attach estates.

Am I allowed to go to the hospital if I am a Mountain Hospice patient?

Yes, MOUNTAIN HOSPICE strives to manage all patient care in the home; however, if a situation requires, patients can be admitted to the hospital for symptom control. Patients may also be admitted to the hospital for short-term respite care.